Spesso i wrestler della WWE effettuano segmenti on screen con i propri cari. Proprio così abbiamo conosciuto la madre di Edge. La donna purtroppo è scomparsa ieri.

Ieri sui social la Rated R-Superstar, Edge ha confermato la morte della madre alla quale teneva molto dato che lei era il suo unico genitore. L’Hall of famer ha fatto un post dove con parole commoventi. Edge parlava della madre e di quel che aveva fatto per lui.

Qui sotto trovate il post della superstar in omaggio della madre



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Le parole di Edge

Today I lost my mom. Judy Copeland aka The Judemeister. The only parent I’ve ever had. She was my rock. The backbone and bedrock that kept my balance through some very tumultuous years. She never doubted me. Ever. I wanna be a wrestler Ma. “Do it.” She scraped together our pennies and kept me fed and clothed and even managed to get me those Kiss action figures and Wrestlemania tickets. Somehow. Because that’s what she did. She supported me and bred me to be the man I eventually became. Took some elbow grease, but I got there. A point where she knew I was going to be fine. I found an amazing partner and I’m the father to two beautiful little girls. I lived my dream and continue to do so because she watered me and let me blossom. She did her job. But I wish she could have stuck around to see the fruits of her labor longer. To the very end she showed me where grit comes from.  I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who had more. She’s free now, and even now thoughts of her make me smile. That’s a life well lived. “Hey Jude, take a sad song and make it better…” You always did.

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