Six Way Match
Eli Everfly defeats DJ Z and Gringo Loco and Kyle The Beast and Teddy Hart and Tony Deppen (11:07)

Matt Riddle defeats James Ellsworth (3:37)
Pierre Carl Oulette defeats WALTER (18:27)
questo match è stato molto apprezzato dai fan presenti
GCW Title Match
Nick Gage (c) defeats Penta El Zero M (9:27)
David Starr defeats Mike Quackenbush (11:35)
Clusterfuck Battle Royal
The Invisible Man defeats Aero Boy and Alabama Doink and Bryan Idol and Chris Dickinson and Crazy Boy and Curt Stallion and Dan Severn and Ethan Page and Facade (w/Dani) and Grado and Joe Gacy and Kikutaro and Markus Crane and Martina and Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Mikey Whipwreck and Nate Webb and Orange Cassidy and Rickey Shane Page and Rory Gulak and Swoggle and Wheeler YUTA (40:00)
Joey Janela (w/Penelope Ford) defeats The Great Sasuke (25:00)

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#SpeakingOut: la CHIKARA chiude!
#SpeakingOut: la CHIKARA chiude!